We protect people’s health and look after the environment by taking a green approach to cleaning. Our technicians use eco-friendly cleaning methods and practices. The Advance Nature products we employ are both environmentally friendly and highly effective.
By using cleaning products that are biodegradable, we decrease the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins. This is especially important for people with allergies and auto-immune problems. What’s good for the planet is also good for people.

Advanced Nature

Certified green cleaning products

We use the Advance Nature range of cleaning solutions, certified by Environmental Choice New Zealand. The products are made from plant-based compounds, so they’re biodegradable and non-toxic. What’s more, there’s no compromise on cleaning power. Green cleaning helps you to achieve a healthier work place with fewer sick days, better staff productivity and morale. Our commitment to sustainability is good for your people, good for your business and good for the environment.

  • Environmental Choice New Zealand Certified
  • Biodegradable
  • New Zealand made
  • Plant based technology
  • Non-toxic, non-caustic
  • Workplace tested for proven cleaning confidence
  • Recyclable containers

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Colour-coded cleaning systems

The spread of viruses and infectious diseases is a major concern in workplaces. To prevent cross-contamination of surfaces and keep germs from spreading, we use a colour-coded system to ensure a separate set of cleaning tools and cleaning clothes is utilised for each designated area.

Colour Coding

Hepa vacuum filtration

We use HEPA vacuum filtration system in our backpack vacuum cleaners to improve air quality in your workplace. HEPA filters capture up to 99.95% of all dust, bacteria, allergens and pollen.

Supply of eco-friendly consumables

We supply a wide range of biodegradable consumables, from toilet paper to paper towels. We also offer a biodegradable alternative to plastic rubbish bags, which take up to 400 years to break down! Contact us for the full list of products and prices

Hygienic cleaning

We can professionally clean and sanitize all kinds of office equipment, such as phones, computer keyboards and monitors. This helps to maintain a more hygienic and healthy work environment Talk to us today for our list of prices

Safe waste disposal

For extremely heavy-duty industrial cleaning, when it isn’t always possible to use green products, we use the necessary agents to do the job well. During the cleaning process we take care to dispose of waste materials safely, including making sure that chemicals and waste don’t run into soak pits or storm water drains.