We understand the special cleaning and hygiene needs of Auckland medical clinics, hospitals and laboratory facilities. Our technicians know that healthcare cleaning is a science and there’s no room for mistakes. As your cleaning provider, you can trust us to use the latest technology and cleaning practices to consistently meet required standards.

Whether you’re sourcing medical facility cleaning, hospital cleaning or cleaning for a healthcare clinic, you will have specific cleaning and sanitation needs. Our training programmes ensure your ICC cleaning team will be well-educated on safety procedures, the prevention of cross-contamination and infection control. Processes required by your facility will be carefully documented and executed without fail.

Health Care

 Colour-coded cleaning systems

The spread of virus and infectious diseases is a major concern in health medical centres. To prevent cross contamination of surfaces and keep germs from spreading, we use colour coded systems to ensure a separate set of cleaning tools and cleaning clothes is used for each designated area.

Colour Coding

 How can we help you?

As well as routine cleaning, ICC can provide the specialised cleaning services you need throughout the year. We have technicians available 24/7, so work can be carried out at times that cause the least disruption to your staff and patients.

Here’s the full scope of our cleaning services for healthcare facilities:


  • Routine cleaning using environmentally-friendly products
  • Cleaning for infection prevention and control
  • Emergency cleaning, including spills
  • Installation and maintenance of washroom solutions and hygiene systems
  • Maintenance of hard surfaces, such as marble, granite, natural stone, tiles and concrete
  • Pest control
  • Plumbing and electrical repairs, maintenance and installations
  • Removal of uric acid build up in pipes and drains
  • Sanitisation of telephones, monitors and keyboards
  • Supply of cleaning, toilet and hygiene consumables
  • Vinyl floor maintenance
  • Water blasting of outdoor areas
  • Window and glass cleaning


NEW! We can apply long-acting anti-microbial surface protectant with verifiable performance, helping your facility reduce the number of superbugs and other clinically-relevant pathogens on touch surfaces and inanimate objects.